How The World Sees You.

Web Design

We search through hundreds of high design templated websites to provide our clients a no surprise website. Custom for your field and industry. 

Social Media

Wise Marketing can help or run your business social media platforms on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Our design and content team is ready to sit down with you and share your story on social media and get in front of your potential clients.

Content Writers

Every great story has a writer and every writer has an editor. At Wise Marketing we will provide you with content creation and editorial services for your business. Stories need to be shared at Wise Marketing we can do that by sharing it through website blogs, social media or print. Let the story be known.

  1. Logo - Start your journey with us at Wise Marketing. We have logo designers ready to implement what you want and have the feel you want to portray.
  2. Plan of Action - How and where are we going to market ? Wise Marketing will provide custom plan of action for our clients
  3. Marketing Kits - Our Marketing kits come east of mind setting up Google Drive Marketing folders keeping your plan of action in order. What our responsibility is for your business.
  1. Mobile Friendly Sites - Our design team will ensure your web site looks as good on desktop as in mobile and tablet too. Your new site need to look fantastic on all platforms.
  2. Photos - Wise Marketing will search the whole web trying to find the right pictures for your business. If we need to we also have photographers on staff to provide to capture your story.
  3. Search Friendly - All websites come with our basic SEO package to have potential customers find you right away. Creating sitemaps, Directory Citations, setting up Google my Business pages.
  1. Facebook Groups - have your business join the right community that would be interested in your story. Joining groups can play a great role in tell your story to the right demographics.
  2. Instagram - Let customers follow your business see what new and products you offer.
  3. Pinterest, Linked In, Twitter, Tic Tok - Brand Brand Brand your business on all social media platforms and tell your story.
  1. Blogging - We can add content to your website by writing pages and blogs to tell your story. Our content writers need to learn your business. There is know better way than making sure content writers are available then talking to them directly. We will set a meeting for you to tell your story with us.
  2. Social Media - Our content writers and design team will provide interesting content that clients want to hear.
  3. Video Content - Nothing can tell a story then creating videos. A video can really tell a great story. Movies are popular for a reason. Wise Marketing can help make your video for your business.