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Is your social media management falling short of expectations? Are your interactions and insights short of nothing? If you’re struggling to stay up-to-date on the latest social trends, or lacking the resources needed to boost engagement, then schedule your free consultation with Wise Marketing CT to maximize your online presence. Our social media experts will help you define a cohesive game plan with 100% commitment to success while staying in your well-defined budget. On top of organic outreach, getting content in front of your target audience can be challenging without dishing out advertising money. Wise Marketing CT will create a social media marketing plan that fits in YOUR budget. Whether you’re looking for an ongoing campaign, a once-off sponsored post, reputation management, or ad creation, Wise Marketing CT will help define a marketing strategy that meets your expectations and budget.

Increase Your Online Presence, Audience, and Loyal Customers

With the right Facebook and Instagram presence, you can attract, nurture and convert followers into loyal customers. Our team implements and oversees social media campaigns for small business, enterprise and franchises that are an exact testament to that.

Social Media Management 101


Increase Customer Engagement With Customized Plans Made For YOU

As social media evolves, you need to make sure you’re posting content that satisfies connection and engages in communication while building an everlasting community. When you post promotions for users without any thought.. It shows. At Wise Marketing CT, this is where our social media management comes into play. Social media management is a branch of social media marketing (SMM). It covers planning, creating, and publishing content on social platforms. It involves regular social profile audits and audience research which are essential to rolling out relevant content. At Wise Marketing CT, we take a holistic approach to managing our clients’ social media accounts successfully. Our social media management team combines organic and paid solutions to deliver the most efficient and profitable results.

Organic vs Paid Social Media: What’s the Difference?


When it comes to organic and paid social, it’s important to know the difference because when you’re searching for help by typing “social media management near me,” not everyone will specialize in both strategies. These two social marketing tactics often complement each other and here’s how:

Organic Social Media: organic social media, or unpaid ads, includes the use of free tools provided by social networks to build brand awareness. This also includes posting engaging content to your existing audience or followers. These posts are also likely to boost your search engine rankings as well. Paid Social: This is the placement of paid advertisements and sponsored messages on social media to target specific user profiles and help you reach a larger audience.

Organic social:

  • Raise Brand Awareness
  • Create A Community Online
  • Suitable For Audiences In The Research Phase
  • Helps Retain and Maintain Relationships With Existing Customers.

Paid Social:

  • Drive Leads To Specific Landing Pages
  • Can Target Specific Audiences Based On Demographics Such As:   Age, Gender, Location, Interests, etc. 
  • Drive Leads To Specific Landing Pages

So, the question often appears: “Should I focus on paid or organic? OR should I use a combination of both?” It goes without being said that it can be a challenge to get content in front of social media users without a budget. It’s important for brands to keep in mind that while the benefits of organic social are worth the time investment, a boosting budget – no matter how small – is always helpful for kickstarting your campaign. When  you partner with Wise Marketing CT, LLC, you’ll be equipped with an expert marketing team to help you tackle both both organic and paid social campaigns.

At Wise Marketing CT, LLC, we have organic and paid social strategists that can help with your specific needs. In the long run, partnering with us can be more efficient and effective than trying to do it all on your own.

Best Social Media Management in CT

Wise Marketing CT offers comprehensive Facebook strategies, as well as Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest management. In fact, Wise Marketing CT provides a full suite of social media marketing and management services that all industries can trust. We’ve worked with businesses in construction, law, finance, insurance, agriculture, food and beverage, healthcare, and more! We integrate our social media growth tactics with your website optimization to help increase site traffic and boost conversion rates. In this way, your social media strategy is supported by your other marketing strategies and vice versa.

Social Media Management in CT

CT Electric Company


A Connecticut electric company entrusted Wise Marketing to run organic and paid campaigns to build an online community for their clients. Within a year, Wise Marketing increased their engagements and delivered outstanding results:

  • Facebook Organic Engagement: Over 3,000 new engagements every month to a relevant audience.
  • Average Organic Post Views: +200%
  • Average Organic Post Engagement: +1000%
  • Facebook Followers Gained: +300% yearly
Social Media Management in CT

CT Insurance Company


A privately owned Insurance Company in Connecticut contacted Wise Marketing to help increase their following on social media. In return, we’ve increased not only exceeded their expectations online, but also increased call volume and sales in house leading them to their most successful year since opening in 2010!

  • +90% Facebook Impressions
  • 2021 Highest Sales Year Since Business Established
  • +80% Increased Call Volume
Social Media Management in CT

CT Law Firm


Wise Marketing was contacted by one of the largest law firms in Connecticut to handle their marketing & advertising on social media with hopes of increasing their yearly files. Before starting with Wise Marketing, they averaged about 400 files a year. After 12 months of Wise Marketing taking over their social media campaigns, they had opened over 600 new cases at their firm!

  • Total Post Engagement: +88%
  • Facebook Likes: +35% (Month over Month)
  • Files Opened At The Firm: +50%

Social Media Platforms Wise Marketing Helps Manage


Reach your niche market audience with a robust social presence

Facebook boasts over 1 billion daily active users. It has sufficient reach to support social media management for everything from small business clients to large enterprises. Facebook’s main appeal lies in its low-cost marketing, specific targeting, and organic follower engagement. You can maximize these benefits when you sign up for Wise Marketing’s Facebook management services. We provide social media management to small and large corporations throughout CT as well as the continental United States. Our marketing strategists offer strategy recommendations, content development, and comment monitoring for social content and paid advertising.

Jump into the conversations that matter to your audience, advocate what your company believes in, and cultivate an online community with Twitter. This app is conducive to expanding your outreach and establishing personality within your brand. Large enterprises and small businesses alike can benefit from the Twitter management experts at Wise Marketing CT. We help you in distinguishing a cohesive, channel-specific strategy.

Did you know that about 1/3 of the 1 billion monthly Instagram users have purchased a product while browsing on the visual storytelling app? This app is great for visually sharing your story and achieving your sales goals. You can leave the legwork to the Instagram management specialists at Wise Marketing CT. We have extensive experience in optimizing user-generated content. From gallery posts, to Instagram stories, to interstitial ads, we do it all!

Our experts have found LinkedIn an optimal place for business-to-business (B2B) companies to compel executives and decision-makers to partner with them. At Wise Marketing CT, LLC, our LinkedIn specialists take advantage of the platform to generate more leads. Our array of LinkedIn management services are designed to build your brand credibility, demonstrate leadership, and edge out your rivals to gain trust in the market.

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