When it comes to digital marketing Vernon CT, hire a local company that gets results! In eastern CT, Wise Marketing CT, LLC  has very affordable digital marketing plans for any type of business. The Wise Marketing team will tie your company’s offline branding to a robust digital marketing plan. Your online presence begins with your website. Don’t have a modern website? We will build you a responsive, beautiful company website. Your copy will be composed and coded to rank high in local search results on Google.

Call Rich Roberts when your business needs help with strategic social media marketing. We have a formula for marketing your services using a targeted multi-media approach. Our specialty is increasing awareness for your brand using your website, blog writing, and posting ads for your company on social media group pages.

We can show you an effective way to get your company name in front of the right people in your local market. If you aren’t getting the results you expected from Facebook, adopt a more fruitful strategy. How do we introduce you to prospective clients? We plan a social media campaign that fits your branding and brings new customers to you. Using targeted Facebook groups, Google adwords and Instagram posts, we bring more quality visitors directly to you.

Why Social Media Marketing?

The latest statistics tell us that 91% of adults that are online use social media regularly.  We design a creative, tasteful ad for your company. We post to social media groups likely to take an interest in your service. You longer do you have to try to turn your ‘Facebook friends’ into customers. 71% of social media participants state that they are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow online. Wise Marketing CT, LLC will put you in front of thousands of new prospects every month.

Wise Marketing uses an integrated, multi-media marketing approach. We capture the attention of internet users on social media sites. Your message appears to a receptive and relaxed prospect. We employ local talent for content creation and account management. Let’s get started! Call Rich at 860-245-9133.


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